Adoption Journey

We have chosen to grow our family through adoption and we can’t wait to see God’s hand in our story! We are pursuing private adoption so we are spreading our news in hopes that an expecting family will find us and place their child with us.

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We are Kory and Esther Parsons and we have two golden retrievers, Kajaks and Kaiko! We live in Upstate, New York! Kajaks is our male golden and he’s the older, bigger one and Kaiko is a the smaller, younger one. Kajaks would live outside if he could and Kaiko is never far from her parents. We met through the college we both attended (even though Kory was out of school when we started talking) and we dated for two years before he proposed to me on his birthday! We were only engaged six months before we got married. We married at Esther’s family home which is a special memory we will always get to share there. We love our dogs as you can probably tell from our photos! We love going places with them, love watching them play, and we are pretty much outside with them all day. Besides our dogs, we love visiting with friends and family! Esther has a large family as she is 1 of 10 children! We are always having a birthday party, family dinner, or some other event to go to. We both love children and Kory is like a kid himself as you can always find him participating with the kids and not the adults! We have so much love in our home for children so if you are placing or considering adoption for your child please contact us🖤